Owners Blake & Robin Lamothe purchased the building in 1987, and have meticulously restored the it, while also being leaders in the effort to highlight Palmer Massachusetts, New England’s top railroad enthusiast location, fondly known as the the “Town of Seven Railroads.”

Rail enthusiasts come from all over to watch the trains go by and take photos of the station. The passing trains and the view of the many antiquities furnish the impressive atmosphere making anyone who walks the grounds feel like they’ve stepped into another time.

To add to the station’s historical theme, in 2003 the Lamothe’s acquired a 1915 Porter Steam Locomotive and its Tender. This first purchase spawned a host of other acquisitions or historical locomotive artifacts, and the grounds around Steaming Tender Restaurant are even more full of history. Families are welcome to roam the grounds, watch the trains, and experience the onsite Heritage Museum. This open-air museum features a variety of vintage transportation, including a 1909 New Haven Railroad passenger car, an 1890 Wells Fargo hotel-style Stagecoach, a 1920s Pumper car, various sleighs and wagons, and a gorgeous 1915 Porter Steam Locomotive & Tender.

Steaming Tender Restaurant continues to thrive and be a destination eatery for locals, tourists, and rail enthusiasts alike! Blake & Robin are at the fore-front of the effort to resurrect rail service to the former Palmer Union Station with overwhelming support from members of the local community.


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