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Palmer is a railroad town. The railroad dates back well into the 17th century and has been around ever since. Back then, the town earned the nickname “The Town of 7 Railroads.” Nowadays only 4 currently operate through Palmer. CSX Transportation has its old Boston & Albany Mainline, which hosts much of the action in Palmer, with big road freights running to and from the Worcester area, headed or headed from the West. It also operates a local freight train which drops off and picks up cars from/for the New England Central Railroad and the Massachusetts Central Railroad (both are short lines.) New England Central is a short line railroad that operates in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts & Vermont. One of its main offices is in Palmer, and Palmer yard represents the main eastern terminal of its line running from St. Albans, VT to New London, CT. Massachusetts Central is the other and more scaled back short line in Palmer. They operate on their line from Palmer to Barre.

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